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Over 10 years, utilising different resources, over 100 co-operating individuals, over 60 man-years of endeavour in diversified areas of integrated industries, giving it relaxed thinking and logic, having respect and desire...
Tel It Network, with a new concept in getting itself developed by a team of experienced, semi-experienced and fresher. Within its local, regional, national and global frontiers. Slowly, emerging as an integrated Software and Hardware unit is now manned by technology experts.
Tel It Network, with its ability to offer science-artistic technical support to the bigger industrial houses, offering consultancy services software development and training.
Tel It Network, having its unlimited natural skills and intelligence. A resource of experienced, semi-experienced and fresh technical team with its presence in Calcutta, Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune, endeavouring for its presence in USA, UAE, Japan & Australia.

Our Human Resource
Indian technical skills in UNIX, C++ programming, Database seems to be attractive to the international operators, besides having its English speaking technical and scientific resource base. And our team is competent in Java, Oracle, MS Platform softwares, ASP, JSP, COM, DCOM, RMI, Beans, EJB, SQL Server, Socket Programming, WAP, .NET Platform softwares etc.

Our Marketing Strategies.
Though it is risky for us to involve ourselves into Direct Marketing (to the end-users, that too in a competitive environment) that encourages one to OEM tie-ups and distribution channels (in order to reduce cash exposure etc.), we are rather insisting ourselves into Direct Marketing, as such a Marketing fund along with the necessary infrastructure is needed to be created to help Marketing. We are therefore, preparing ourselves for efficient service support, user manuals, training etc, even if the cost of production becomes lower than the cost of marketing itself.